• Court Administrator - Appeals Court

    Location US-MA-Boston
    Appeals Court
    Posting Date
    Closing Date
    08/31/2018 11:59 PM EST
    USD $109,320.30/Yr.
    Current Maximum
    USD $154,905.89/Yr.

    Starting salary commensurate with experience and ability.


    Note: The Court Administrator is strictly prohibited from the outside practice of law.


    This Executive Management Level position involves significant administrative, supervisory and analytical responsibilities. Under policy direction from the Chief Justice of the Appeals Court and working closely with the Associate Justices, Clerk of Court and others in executive level positions, the Court Administrator is responsible for planning, organizing, coordinating and directing the management of critical administrative support activities of the Appeals Court, and for providing legal advice to the Chief Justice, and coordinating legal services by outside counsel, on court-related matters.


    Reports to the Chief Justice regarding the overall operation of the court, including strategic planning and the development, implementation, and ongoing assessment of policies, protocols and procedures. Researches and keeps current on court trends and emerging policy issues affecting appellate courts.


    Develops, administers and monitors court budget and spending plans, continually assessing the needs of the court and providing advice to the Chief Justice in the preparation of annual budgetary requests; promotes opportunities to educate the public about court purposes, accomplishments, practices and needs as they relate to court funding.


    Oversees the court's Fiscal Office, coordinating with the Fiscal Officer the efficient operation of payroll and benefit administration and ensuring compliance with state reporting and IT security requirements.


    Oversees human resources functions and coordinates with the Trial Court Human Resources Department. Supervises managerial staff, and oversees training for court staff in conjunction with department managers.

    Advises the Chief Justice on optimum use of available technology and the development of and compliance with relevant performance standards and metrics, serves on the combined appellate courts' IT Steering Committee, and oversees the maintenance of the court's website.


    Reviews and evaluates staffing levels, advising the Chief Justice on optimum use of available staff and recommends staffing changes as needed.


    Serves as General Counsel, providing legal advice to the Chief Justice on court-related matters; accepts service and works with outside counsel as needed. Oversees grievances, investigations and discovery responses.


    Responsible for procurement and contract administration, including identifying and contracting with outside service providers and vendors.


    In conjunction with the Public Information Office, serves as media spokesperson on issues pertaining to the court; communicates with local bar associations and with other branches of government, as needed; responds as needed to general requests for public information.


    Supervises the Chief Court Officer and coordinates with SJC Security as needed to maintain and improve courtroom and workplace security and safety.


    Prepares periodic reports and compiles statistics as requested by the Chief Justice.


    Responsible for state judicial and staff ethical reporting compliance.


    Serves on internal and external committees at the Chief's request. Assists as necessary in the planning of court ceremonies and events.

    Performs other related work as requested by the Chief Justice.


    All applicants must be able, through the interview process, to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the following areas:




    Ethics and Values

    Communicates and demonstrates the ethics and values of the Judiciary.



    The ability to motivate staff and effectively execute the strategic goals and responsibilities of the Massachusetts Appeals Court.

    Team Building (Motivating Others)

    Fosters a sense of shared goals and accountabilities through the development of positive relationships in order to promote a healthy work environment.


    Works with others cooperatively, demonstrating a willingness to be a team player, and contributing to a work environment that focuses on shared goals.


    Strategic Thinking and Planning

    Utilizes the best available information and data driven analysis to successfully achieve positive future outcomes.


    Performance Measurement (Individual and EBP)

    Understands the value and importance of performance measures as a basis for both individual and departmental assessments.


    Understands the appropriate use of advocacy and persuasion in order to effectuate positive change and growth within the organization.

    Managing External Environment

    Creates and promotes cooperative partnerships with legislative and judicial executive branch partners, and the legal community.


    Continuous Learning

    Is actively committed to and actively works to continuously improve himself/herself.




    Member in good standing of any state Bar, provided that successful applicant become a member of the Massachusetts Bar within one year of employment.


    A minimum of ten years experience as an attorney.


    Strong management level experience in court administration or operations, or comparable managerial and/or budgetary experience.


    Proven analytical, communication and written skills.


    Knowledge of state law and procedure.


    Massachusetts resident at the time the successful applicant commences employment.




    Thorough knowledge of the organization, function, jurisdiction, and authority of the Appeals Court and the Massachusetts court system.


    Ability to communicate court purposes, objectives and budgetary needs clearly and compellingly with appropriate supporting data.


    Ability to set priorities, manage competing demands on existing court resources and concentrate individuals and resources on the most critical court needs; ability to manage resources in ways that preserve judicial independence.


    Ability to forecast future court needs and conditions, and think in the long term; ability to assess the need for changes in court priorities and resources, communicate effectively why and when change is needed, and lead the change process.


    Ability to gather and use data to interpret trends and to monitor the court's progress toward stated goals.


    Ability to maintain effective, respectful, and courteous working relations with judges, staff, attorneys, other court officials, and deal courteously and respectfully with the general public. Skilled in responding to the media.


    Ability to plan and supervise the work of others; ability to effectively communicate, motivate and work collaboratively with subordinates and to delegate appropriate day-to-day responsibilities to support personnel.


    Ability to listen and respond effectively to the positions, preferences, and perspectives of others, both inside and outside the court.


    Ability to work with and lead fiscal staff in support of the court's management of its budget, including the forecasting, preparation, and presentation of budgets, financial reports, and cost-benefit analysis.


    Knowledge of the information and analytical reports needed by the Chief Justice to support budget allocation, planning, and decision making.


    Ability to support and to advance innovation and improved court performance; ability to stay current with state-of- the-art technology and to suggest technological changes for the performance of court business.


    Skilled in information technology, including the development, maintenance and oversight of an interactive web site with accurate current information that tracks cases and provides information about the court, its processes and innovations, and knowledgeable in basic computer applications, including office suite, data bases and document management systems.


    Ability to develop and implement effective security, disaster recovery and business continuity plans; knowledge of security, including in courtrooms and other offices; and ability to work with others to maintain and improve security and safety.


    Ability to maintain confidentiality.



    Applicants must apply by completing an online application and submitting a resume at the following web address:



    All applications must be received by the end of the day on August 31, 2018

    Candidates who are selected to be interviewed will be contacted and asked to provide a brief writing sample.





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